Casing Running Operations


About the Skill Module

Casing is pipe that goes into the wellbore. Casing stays in the well because the outside of the casing is cemented into the earth, providing wellbore integrity. In other words, the casing’s primary purpose is to keep the wellbore from caving in or fracturing, to keep unwanted fluids from entering the wellbore, and to keep the desired fluids (hydrocarbons) from leaving the borehole at undesirable places.

In this module, you will study four topics:

  1. Handling Casing: This topic introduces the process of getting the casing to the rig floor. It explains the concept of stacking casing in reverse order, numbering casing, and the types of casing you will see at an oil rig.
  2. Rigging up Casing Running Equipment: This topic overviews the running casing checklist, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and equipment used for setting casing in a borehole. It explains the purpose and function of spiders, elevators, power tongs, and the stabbing board.
  3. Making up the Shoe Track: This topic introduces the shoe track and some of the other pieces of a casing string. It explains the purpose of the float shoe, guide shoe, float collar, thread locking compound, and centralizers.
  4. Running Casing: This topic provides an in-depth explanation of running the casing into the borehole. It describes the "dance"—the set of steps and movements of the casing crew that help to get the casing in the borehole quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Target Audience

Individuals interested in the understanding what it takes to run casing; Members of an extended multidiscipline team

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Describe the steps of running casing, from getting the casing to the rig to running the casing into the borehole
  • Determine safe working practices while running casing on a rig
  • Identify responsibilities of and organize all wellsite personnel for normal casing running operations
  • Identify the purpose of the basic running casing equipment and key steps used to run casing

Product Details





Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




4.5 hours (approx.)