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Surface Production Operations – PO3


Well Stimulation: Practical and Applied – WS










Acidizing Applications in Sandstones and Carbonates – ASC


Artificial Lift for Unconventional Wells - ALUW


Beam Pumps – BP


Electrical Submersible Pumps – ESP


Flow Assurance for Offshore Production – FAOP


Formation Damage: Causes, Prevention, & Remediation – FD


Gas Lift – GLI


Gas Production Engineering – GPO


Gas Well Deliquification – GWD


Hydraulic Fracturing Applications – HFU


NODAL Analysis Workshop: Virtual


Plunger Lift Training - PLS


Production Logging – RMP


Production Chemistry – OGPC


Sand Control – SNDC​


Scale Identification, Remediation & Prevention Workshop


Water Management in Heavy Oil Resource Operations– HOWM





Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing – AHF


Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Completions and
Stimulation – HML2

Acidizing Applications in Sandstones and Carbonates - ASC
12-23 July, 2021


Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing - AHF
2 Aug - 13 Aug, 2021


Coiled Tubing Interventions - CTI

12-23 July, 2021


4 October - 3 December, 2021
Also available On Demand


Corrosion Management in Production/Processing Operations - PF-22

7-18 June, 2021, 08:00-12:00 Western Australia time (GMT+8)

18-29 Oct, 2021


25 October - 5 November, 2021


Gas Production Engineering - GPO

18-29 Oct, 2021


Hydraulic Fracturing Applications - HFU

7-18 June, 2021


2-17 September, 2021
Also available On Demand
13 September - 24 December, 2021
Also available On Demand


7 September - 3 December, 2021
Also available On Demand


Surface Production Operations - PO3

16-27 August, 2021

The Course Progression Matrix below shows how the Production and Completions courses in this section are structured within each topic, from Basic to Specialized. On either side of the Production and Completions section, you will see courses in associated disciplines for cross-training. These matrices are ideal for building training plans for early-career staff or finding the right course to build upon existing knowledge and experience.


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