Learning Management and Compliance System

Preparing workers to be ready and able to perform their jobs requires more than just training programs. Performance needs to be supported through a keen management of knowledge, curriculum and job roles. And the critical nature of the oil and gas workplace requires immediate access to knowledge and information specific to on-the-job needs.

Active Learner® is a web-based learning management and compliance system designed to help upstream, midstream, and downstream companies address the unique learning and development requirements of the oil and gas industry. A strong focus on the management of knowledge, curriculums, and job roles helps organizations immediately improve worker performance while helping meet training and development initiatives.

Active Learner integrates with your current LMS or HRIS, or acts as your LMS, providing one system to store and access courses, evaluations, documents, records, manuals, and procedures. Consolidating all training information into one system streamlines administration and allows you to review and report the company-wide training initiatives and identify individuals who have completed particular qualifications at a glance. And on demand web-based access enables you to develop workforce competency by building the core skills and knowledge needed on-the-job. Active Learner does this by:

  • Providing employees with one system for immediate on-the-job access to information, tools, training and their own personalized learning paths.

  • Helping companies meet their requirements for compliance, assurance, and enterprise standards with effective learning content, thorough tracking, automated scheduling, and custom reports.

  • Allowing supervisors to easily create and deliver effective training content, curriculums, and evaluations.

  • Providing one web-based, centralized system to track, manage, update, all training from e-learning to instructor-led training events, in a scalable system.


Curriculum Development

Records Management

Compliance Management

Assurance Support

e-Learning Content & Test Development

Effective Knowledge Transfer

Classroom Training Management

On-Demand Access

AICC/SCORM Compliant

Multi-Language Interface

Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted, no software needed

Active Learner provides one system to track, review, and deliver all training - an online repository for storing and delivering courses, evaluations, documents, manuals, and procedures. Consolidating these activities streamlines administration and improves worker productivity by providing on-the-job access to information, tools, and training.


Compliance Support for Companies

Comprehensive tracking and reporting show progress toward compliance goalsAutomatic Gap Analysis and Automated/Self-scheduling ensure that workers are up-to-date on required certifications and training.

Compliance and Assurance Reporting clearly show progress toward compliance and competency goals. Employers can easily identify areas of non-conformance and take corrective action.

Training and Records Management documents knowledge gained, not simply that training has been deliverd.

Job Support for Employees

Self-Directed On-Demand Access to reference e-learning content, procedures, and skills demonstrations allows support and training that is not hindered by time restrictions and schedules.

Personal Development Plans outline the training needed for each particular job role and is based on the employee’s own knowledge evaluation. It may include any combination of e-learning programs, skills demos, and instructor-led training events.

Gap Identification & Remediation assigns targeted content based on an assessment of current knowledge. Employees can achieve 100% proficiency while eliminating redundant or unnecessary training.

Built-in instructional design frameworkLearning Management for Administrators

e-Learning Content and Evaluation Development allows for fast, intuitive creation of content and evaluations using a built-in instructional design framework structured to facilitate the development of instructionally sound e-learning content.

Curriculum Management allows specific requirements for each location, process, and individual assignment to be clearly identified and addressed. Pre-requisites, retraining, and alternate courses can be specified in the curriculum.

Shareable & Reusable Learning Modules may be used in many different learning programs and shared between multiple locations.

Global Content Customizations allow generic learning modules to be customized to client- or site-specific text, images, or exhibits.