19 Feb, 2018

EBOOK: Best Tips of the Month

We are excited to announce the release of our  ebook: “Best Tips of the Month”, 2018 edition. At PetroSkills, we recognize the value of sharing knowledge between industry professionals and are passionate about contributing impactful technical materials for the oil and gas industry. The original Tip of the Month was formed from the idea of building a platform that shares useful tips for facilities professionals to use to improve upon their current processes. The first tip was written in 2005, and since then has evolved into the PetroSkills / John M. Campbell Facilities Tip of the Month. With the help of our expert instructors investing their time and capabilities, we have produced 154 articles with more than 250,000 readers per year.

This ebook is a collection of our top 10 most popular Facilities Tip of the Month articles for the past five years. We are excited to share our expertise and enthusiasm for the industry, and remain committed to creating useful content for oil and gas professionals of all skill levels.

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TOP 10 TIPS OF THE MONTH – Ranked by Popularity

 1. Gas Liquid Separators Sizing Parameter

 2. Correlations for Conversion between True and Reid Vapor Pressures (TVP and RVP)

 3. Benefits of Standby Time in Adsorption Dehydration Process

 4. Effect of Relative Density (Specific Gravity) on the Saturated Water Content of Sweet Natural Gases

 5. What is the Impact of Light Hydrocarbons on the Natural Gas Hydrate Formation Conditions?

 6. Oil Dehydration Design Error Found in Most Designs Worldwide

 7. Impact of Gas-Oil Ratio (GOR) on Crude Oil Pressure Drop in Gathering Systems

 8. Infinite Recycle Impacts on Compression Systems

 9. Finding Opportunities Checklist

10. Charts and Correlations for Estimating Methanol Removal in the Gas Sweetening Process














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