Advanced Project Management - FPM62

Discipline: Project Management
Level: Specialized
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This five-day, specialized level course is for project managers, asset managers, project control managers, and project engineers seeking an in-depth understanding of key topics associated with large domestic and international projects. This course provides advanced knowledge in contract strategy, project governance, engineering and technology management, stakeholder management, joint venture and non-operated projects, interface management, risk management, reviews and approvals, and management information systems.

"I appreciated the practical tips and templates that are immediately beneficial to my job." - Project Engineer, New Zealand

"Overview of VIPS was really good and applicable to my current work. Instructor did an excellent job at sharing his experience to supplement course material discussion." - Completions Engineer, United States

Project managers, asset managers, project control managers, and project engineers that are involved in the engineering, procurement, and construction of surface facilities and pipelines for large onshore and offshore projects.
How To:
  • Assess project governance structures for both domestic and international projects and create a plan to facilitate decision making
  • Develop a project work breakdown, assess key market drivers, and compose a contract strategy plan that minimizes project risk and effectively utilizes resources
  • Identify and evaluate risks associated with technology selection and engineering development and prepare an engineering management plan
  • Identify internal and external stakeholders and create a strategy to address their needs
  • Establish a program to identify and manage project interfaces
  • Evaluate the effects of major project risks and mitigate their impact on cost, schedule, and operability
  • Create a decision support package and successfully navigate the reviews and approvals process associated with funding gates
  • Key aspects of a stage-gate process
  • Influence of markets and regional practices on contract strategy development
  • Governance structure influence on decision making
  • Technology selection and engineering management in a limited resource environment
  • Stakeholder identification and influence planning for large, complex projects
  • How to influence the outcome of joint venture and non-operated projects
  • Critical factors in successful interface management
  • Risk identification and mitigation methodologies essential to preserve project value
  • Managing expectations associated with peer reviews, technical assists, and gate approvals