Turnaround, Shutdown and Outage Management - TSOM

Discipline: Project Management / Operations & Maintenance
Level: Intermediate
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This course addresses Turnaround, Shutdown and Outage (TSO) Management principles and practices as they relate to activity planning, execution and closeout activities for midstream, petrochemical and refining facilities in the petroleum industry. The specific training received in TSO management and the proper use of scarce resources (time, people and materials) will help the TSO or Project Manager improve cost, schedule and operability results. Upon completion of this course, the participant will know what the critical success factors for a TSO are and be able to utilize best practices in TSO planning, execution and closeout. Participants will understand how maintenance, operations and contractor resources relate to one another and what tools are available for the TSO team to ensure properly-managed interfaces among key stakeholders. The course is taught using a combination of instruction, facilitated discussion, and hands-on exercises using real-world TSO examples. The exercises will include both individual and group activities that will provide each participant with a hands-on application of the principles and practices discussed throughout the course.
Maintenance superintendents and supervisors, project managers and project engineers, maintenance engineers, planner/schedulers, operations representatives, HSE representatives, and procurement professionals who plan, manage, or participate in turnarounds, shutdowns and outage management. Special emphasis will be placed on best practices and future trends in TSO management.
How To:
  • Understand what a day in the life of a TSO Manager during a shutdown is like
  • Establish business strategies and objectives for a TSO to ensure support from all facility stakeholders
  • Develop a robust TSO resource plan and get the resources you need
  • Develop and validate work scopes for both maintenance and project activities
  • Establish criteria early in the planning cycle for TSO work scope selection
  • Select a computerized maintenance management system, including those features needed for TSO management
  • Integrate capital projects and maintenance work during a TSO
  • Identify and address key TSO constraints and operations interfaces
  • Develop a robust contracting plan for the TSO to align work scope
  • Prepare a TSO execution plan
  • Utilize fit-for-purpose progress measurement and control techniques
  • Six-phase TSO management process
  • TSO issues and challenges
  • TSO quality plan
  • TSO safety planning
  • CMMS benefits, selection and implementation
  • Developing an integrated TSO plan
  • Managing TSO stakeholders and resources
  • Monitoring progress and controlling change
  • Procurement and contracting for a TSO