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About the Course

This four-day advanced coalbed methane (CBM) / coal seam gas (CSG) course is designed to present attendees with the most current analysis techniques developed by industry for application to CBM reservoirs. The class will cover a full range of integrated topics ranging from characterization of the coals through data collection and testing, drilling and completion, reservoir engineering, pilot design and production management strategies. CBM Resource and Reserve guidelines are developed so that the attendee can best design field development plans. A set of course notes is provided, including problems and solutions developed from actual CBM data sets. This course is designed for technical and managerial staff who desire a comprehensive understanding of the state of the art analysis techniques currently being used to assess and evaluate CBM reservoirs worldwide.

Target Audience

Technical and managerial staff who need an understanding of coalbed methane / coal seam gas (CBM/CSG) testing, appraisal and production methodologies.

You Will Learn

  • How to design a data collection program which will optimize the classification of CBM reserves and resource volumes
  • How to interpret information collected from coal cores, and how to avoid common mistakes in core analysis
  • Production management strategies to optimize the performance of CBM reservoirs
  • How to determine gas in place and ultimate gas recovery from CBM wells and reservoirs
  • How to design an initial pilot program and how to mature that pilot to a large-scale development plan

Course Content

  • Coal geology
  • Core analysis and lab experiments
  • Gas content and saturation of coals
  • Critical desorption pressure testing
  • Coal permeability
  • Designing a data collection program
  • Drilling and completion strategies
  • Production performance
  • Analytical analyses
  • CBM reservoir simulation
  • Pilot performance
  • CBM reserves and resources
  • Production management strategies
  • Enhanced CBM methods
  • Carbonaceous shales
  • Lessons learned from U.S. experience
  • Case studies

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