3 Apr, 2020

PetroSkills|Simulation Solutions Hosts ChemE-Sports Competition

PetroSkills|Simulation Solutions recently hosted an exciting ChemE-Sports workshop at Texas A&M for the AIChE Student Chapter. This workshop was based on the national ChemE-Sports Competition developed by the Simulation Solutions team. The inaugural event was held last year at the Orlando AIChE Student Conference. PetroSkills|Simulation Solutions teamed up with Dr. Bozic of Columbia University to put on this competition which has student teams compete on a dynamic distillation process simulator. Teams were tasked with operating a simulated distillation column with a goal of minimizing process alarms and maximizing tower profitability. This distillation simulator is the highlighted program in the PetroSkills|Simulation Solutions 2-Day troubleshooting courses for operators.  

Student team competing on a dynamic distillation process simulator.

“This gave me an unparalleled opportunity to gain real work experience without ever leaving the classroom," shared a Texas A&M student. "In my opinion, no amount of lectures could substitute for what I learned in the ChemE-Sports competition!" Students at both the National Conference and A&M workshop noted that working with this industry-focused software package has given them a look into the type of tasks they will face when they graduate and enter the workforce. 

Congratulations to our winners! We look forward to seeing you compete again next year.

Texas A&M ChemE-Sports Champions

If you would like to learn more about our simulations training, we recommend browsing the Operator Training Simulation Courses or watching our Simulator Demonstration Videos.


PetroSkills|Simulation Solutions is the most recent addition to the PetroSkills family. In 2001, Simulation Solutions created a major breakthrough in simulator training technology. Their Hands-On Training System contains a broad range of high fidelity process models and realistic DCS system emulations which have been integrated into a network based, fully automated training system that includes detailed training exercises, comprehensive on-line help, self and graded evaluations, and the recording of test scores and results.

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