15 May, 2017

Basic Petroleum Technology Principles: Virtual Demo

Do you need an understanding of E&P technologies and the role of technical departments in oil and gas operations? PetroSkills is proud to offer a virtual Basic Petroleum Technology Principles training course, and you can try a complimentary demo today.

This course provides the participant with an understanding of basic petroleum technology in the context of the Petroleum Value Chain, from exploration to abandonment. The participant will understand how and when geoscience and engineering professionals use technology to find, then determine and optimize the economic value of an oil and gas field. This enables the participant to maximize their professional and administrative contribution in their organization.

PetroAcademy combines PetroSkills industry knowledge, expertise, content, and technology to develop workforce competency. Each PetroAcademy Skill Module may contain reading assignments, self-paced e-learning, virtual instructor-led sessions, discussion forums, group exercises, case studies, quizzes, field trips, and other activities. These continuous development activities increase knowledge retention, reduce time to competency, and provide just in time learning at the point of need.

Try the “Basic Petroleum Technology Principles” Blended Demo!

LEVEL: Basic

DURATION: Approximately 20 hours of self-paced work


DESIGNED FOR: those who need to achieve a context and understanding of E&P technologies, and the role of technical departments in oil and gas operations. An understanding and use of oilfield terminology is developed.

For more information, visit Basic Petroleum Technology Principles. For all courses currently available virtually, visit the PetroAcademy home page.