14 Mar, 2018

Completions and Workovers: Virtual Demo

Do you need a foundational understanding in the areas of modern completion design as well as a variety of workover technologies? PetroSkills is proud to offer a virtual/blended Completions and Workovers training course, and you can try a complimentary demo today

The Completions and Workovers Blended Program represents one of the most popular foundation series courses within PetroSkills’ production engineering curriculum. Participants will become familiar with many aspects of modern completion design as well as a variety of workover technologies. This course is intended to be broad based, and includes both conventional and unconventional wells. The focus of this program is on design and selection.

PetroAcademy combines PetroSkills industry knowledge, expertise, content, and technology to develop workforce competency. Each PetroAcademy Skill Module may contain reading assignments, self-paced e-learning, virtual instructor-led sessions, discussion forums, group exercises, case studies, quizzes, field trips, and other activities. These continuous development activities increase knowledge retention, reduce time to competency, and provide just in time learning at the point of need.

Try the "Completions and Workovers" Blended Demo!

LEVEL: Foundation

DURATION: 9 hours instructor-led (virtual), plus approximately 50 hours self-paced work


DESIGNED FOR: Graduates or engineers with experience, engaged in drilling operations, production operations, workover, and completions; petroleum engineers in both the service and operating sectors. 

For more information, visit Completions and Workovers. For all courses currently available virtually, visit the PetroAcademy home page.