4 Nov, 2016

Congratulations to Rick Groshong on AAPG award

Earlier this year, Dr. Rick Groshong received the Best Seminal Publication Award from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Petroleum Structure and Geomechanics division for "3-D Structural Geology / A Practical Guide to Quantitative Surface and Subsurface Map Interpretation."

PetroSkills Geology instructor Jim Morse, a colleague of Dr. Groshong, praised the text as "a very important, useful, and helpful reference for exploration and development geoscientists and structural-geology specialists alike." Much of the content for PetroSkills' Mapping Subsurface Structures - MSS course, currently taught by Mr. Morse, comes from this highly-praised publication, and a copy is included with the course materials.

Congratulations to Dr. Groshong from all of us at PetroSkills!

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