9 Apr, 2013

Learn more. Go farther.

Career-planning insights from a 30-year oil & gas veteran.

The years just ahead offer terrific opportunity for petroleum professionals in the early stages of their careers.  With the Big Crew Change upon us, thousands of senior-level professionals will soon retire.  Early- and mid-career professionals will rise to fill their ranks – and the greatest gains will go to those with the greatest talent and drive to seize the opportunity.

One of the most important steps you can take to propel your career is to improve your technical knowledge and skills, and broaden your perspective. 

But it’s not just about “taking courses.” I can tell you, based on my diverse and exciting experiences over a long career, that the courses you choose – and the organization that provides them – make all the difference.

Other than the in-house courses taught by the largest oil and gas companies, PetroSkills has provided more courses, to more oil and gas professionals, than anyone else.  More than 350,000, in fact.  And only PetroSkills courses and services are directed by the benchmark in our industry – the PetroSkills Alliance.  The Alliance is an extremely hands-on, collaborative body comprised of companies around the world representing more than 40% of the world’s production of oil and gas.

That’s what it will take to make a real difference in your career now – and for decades to come!

Here are some examples of the long term benefits you can expect to gain from a PetroSkills course...


Chip Burkett, P.E.
AKA Energy Group, LLC

“I am currently working for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe in their natural gas midstream enterprise, AKA Energy Group, LLC, in Durango, Colorado.  I provide process design, business development and operations support services as well project management responsibility for design and construction of new facilities. 

“I attended the Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery course in Denver, Colorado, April 23-27, 1990.  The course provided insight into specific gas treating applications I was working on at a Colorado Interstate Gas Company facility.  The information learned and reference materials are still useful today.”


Jason Frost, Consultancy Manager
Offshore Design Engineering, Ltd., UK

“When I took the Gas Conditioning and Processing course at Brighton in the UK in 1994, I had already been working for four years and had recently joined KCC Process Equipment Ltd (latterly part of Cameron) as a process engineer.  As my career knowledge and responsibility developed, I also took the Gas Treatment and Sulfur Recovery course. 

“The course augmented my existing skills, helping me to better optimize my amine system designs and better understand the whole acid gas treatment route through sulfur production.  The breadth of this knowledge has been beneficial in my subsequent consulting career.”


Dan Barkman
Baker Hughes Petrolite

“The class was fun and interesting.  It is probably one of the best classes I’ve ever taken, especially with the resource material that comes with the course.  I will be referencing the book and the binder in the future.”


Steve Tessarolo

“Thanks for the course, guys.  By far the most professional and smoothest running course I’ve taken thus far in my career.”