8 Mar, 2017

MCGPA & PetroSkills | John M. Campbell: March 7 Session

PetroSkills MidContinent GPA

Instructor Alan Royer engages the MCGPA audience.

The MidContinent GPA and PetroSkills | John M. Campbell presented 'Overview of Operator Training: Part 3' on March 7, 2017, in Oklahoma City. This was the third and final session targeted toward members of the centrally-based chapter. MCGPA members produce, gather, transport, and market natural gas and natural gas products.

The content of Part 3 started with a short review of key principals and the overview of a gas processing facility that were covered in Parts 1 and 2. Discussion continued on distillation principles for both tray and packed towers, leading into fractionation of a gas stream into various hydrocarbon components including key operating issues. The session ended by looking at the key operating principles for pumps and compressors followed by a short question and answer period.

PetroSkills | John M. Campbell would like to thank all of the participants who joined us for the three sessions and look forward to learning with you again in the future. To learn more about PetroSkills courses instructed by Alan Royer, check out Oil & Gas Processing Facilities for Operations & Maintenance: OT-1 and LNG Facilities for Operations & Maintenance: OT-43. All Operations & Maintenance courses currently scheduled worldwide can be viewed here. 

PetroSkills MidContinent GPA

Carlos Conerly, ISTI Plant Services; Bret Hunter, Enable Midstream Partners; Alan Royer, PetroSkills Instructor; Myles McDonough, Everest Sciences; Carlos, Bret and Myles serve on the Training Committee for MCGPA