17 Dec, 2018

Instructor Highlight: Ms. Nancy House

This month we would like to recognize Ms. Nancy House, one of our geophysics instructors, for her impressive achievements in 2018! Throughout her career, she has become known for identifying and using emerging technologies in the interpretation and utilization of geophysics for unconventional resources. House is a leader in geophysics for applying the most valuable, state of the art technologies to the interpretation of seismic data. In 2018, House served as the SEG President and was also recognized as one of Harts’ 25 Most Influential Women in Energy. You can read more about these achievements and other career milestones below.  



SEG President (2018)

Elected to serve as the President of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. House also served as SEG President Elect the previous year. During this time, she helped orchestrate a repositioning of SEG to better focus their resources on current high priority items and future opportunities. SEG is a global society of more than 20,000 members with 46% based in North America. 

Harts’ 25 Most Influential Women in Energy (2018)

Harts Energy and Oil & Gas Investor named House as one of the 25 most influential women in energy for 2018. This honor recognizes women who are trailblazers in the industry and whose work exemplifies outstanding accomplishments, leadership and service to the community in their chosen professions. You can learn more about each of the 25 honorees and their rise to the top of their professions in this special report.

SEG Treasurer (2011-2012)

Elected to serve as SEG Treasurer for 2011, 2012.  Following this position, House was chair of the finance committee for 2 years and a member for two more. House remarks that “understanding the finances required to run a global geophysical society prepared me for the presidency to help steward it through the difficult last few years as the industry struggled.”

Mobil Emerging Technical Leader (1994)

Every year at Mobil, the geophysical managers met and selected one or two scientists that demonstrated leadership skills. That year, House had distinguished herself in several projects related to velocity model building and depth migration from the interpretation standpoint. House considers this award a pivotal moment in her career that resulted in a career advancing promotion into a second-tier technical position.


Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Nancy! We can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring.


We are proud to have such distinguished individuals employed and instructing at our company. If you are interested in enrolling in one of Ms. House’s geophysics courses, please visit the course schedule here.

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