14 Feb, 2019

PetroSkills Revises Oil & Gas Reserves Evaluation Course

We are excited to share the newly revised Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation course for 2019 with the most up-to-date information on reserve estimates, compliance and regulatory requirements. This course is extremely relevant in today’s industry and covers the fundamentals of reserve evaluation including reserve principles, how regulators adapt these for reporting needs, evaluation method considerations when estimating reserve quantities and documenting your work.

New and updated content includes:

Updated 2018 SPE-PRMS: full examination of the entire document including the new terms and clarified rules and what these mean.

US SEC “Modernized” Oil and Gas Reporting: compliance means knowing more than the definitions in SEC Regulation S-X -- to follow the rules, you must understand how Regulation S-K, the C&DI and FASB ASC 932 standards interact. Recent SEC comment letters provide further examples to aid your understanding.

More depth on reserve economics: What does “economic” mean, how is “commercial” different; how to handle abandonment costs when qualifying reserves.

How to understand the needs of and communicate with key reserve users, both outside your company – accountants, banks, auditors – and inside – reserve manager/corporate reserves.

Public courses are scheduled for March 18th in Houston and July 29th in Denver, taught by Rod Sidle. Other public and in-house courses in various worldwide locations can be arranged based on the interests of course participants. Enroll in one of the upcoming sessions today!