4 Mar, 2013

NEWS: SPIE Oil & Gas Services and PetroSkills LLC Sign Joint Development Agreement

PARIS (4 March, 2013) – This agreement will allow SPIE Oil & Gas Services to enhance its worldwide competency development programs. PetroSkills LLC a worldwide training and development company has over 280 instructors, and offers over 900 public training sessions in more than 45 different cities worldwide.  The PetroSkills Alliance, which PetroSkills LLC manages, delivers high quality competency-based training and development.

In 2012, SPIE Oil & Gas Services started discussing business associations with PetroSkills in order to provide a larger range of training delivery and competency solutions for SPIE customers, while extending PetroSkills capabilities where SPIE Oil & Gas Services is established.

SPIE Oil & Gas Services is a leading service company that provides on the job training, specific long term training programs and nationalization plans.  PetroSkills LLC is a training and consulting company that provides a wide range of courses and development processes in the oil and gas industry. This agreement will result in a comprehensive offer aimed at developing the competencies of not only operators and technicians, but also supervisors, engineers and managers.

About SPIE Oil & Gas Services

SPIE Oil & Gas Services provides its clients, which include oil companies, engineering firms and oil and gas contractors, a complete range of resources, skills and services for exploring and investigating new fields, building and operating facilities, and optimizing production under optimal safety, cost, deadline and quality conditions. SPIE Oil & Gas Services, which is currently established in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, can call on the services of 4,000 trained, loyal and valued individuals in 26 countries across five major business lines, including well services, systems integration, expertise services, competence development and asset support. The company achieved pro forma turnover of €437 M in 2011.

About SPIE

As a European leader in electrical and mechanical engineering and HVAC services, energy and communication systems, SPIE enhances the world around us by helping local and regional authorities and companies design, build, operate and maintain more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly facilities. With 29,055 employees working from more than 400 locations in 31 countries, SPIE achieved pro forma production of €4.047 billion and generated EBIT of €218.2 million in 2011.


About PetroSkills

The PetroSkills Alliance was created in 2001 by BP, Shell and OGCI to provide “important but not unique” high-quality, competency-based training. Through its membership PetroSkills has successfully evolved into an industry driven, industry-approved program that spans the value chain. PetroSkills continues to grow as additional organizations join the PetroSkills Alliance at various levels.  PetroSkills’ mission is to build competent petroleum professionals by delivering learning and development when, where and how it is needed – and now through multiple delivery models.

For more information visit www.PetroSkills.com