2 Feb, 2015

PetroSkills Introduces new e-Learning Libraries for Petroleum Professionals

(TULSA, OK) Jan. 29, 2015 – PetroSkills has introduced ePetro™, a new series of online learning programs for petroleum professionals. Designed to provide the industry knowledge required by professionals in the oil and gas industry, the new libraries are developed to the same exacting standards and in complement to the ePILOT™ online series for technical operation−over 800 hours of technical skills and safety training used at over 500 sites worldwide.

The ePetro series of online learning libraries is planned to cover topics across the value chain. Subscriptions include access to all modules in the library. With ePetro subscriptions, companies can start using industry validated content today, rather than having to start from scratch to develop well-balanced learning curriculums. The new e-learning modules feature:

   - Interactive Learning Activities

   - Engaging animations and graphics

   - Certified and industry-validated

   - Company-specific customizations

   - Web-hosted, available 24/7

The first ePetro library to be introduced is the “Exploration and Production Library.” PetroSkills worked with upstream industry experts to identify knowledge requirements specific to Exploration & Production. By applying proven instructional design methods and advanced web technology PetroSkills has developed a series of e-learning modules that provide an understanding of the upstream market segment and the steps involved in the creation and exploitation of oil and gas fields. The Library incorporates information for geosciences, reservoir, production, drilling, completions, and field development. The library is more than 50 hours of web-based modules available online, anytime and anywhere, in a sustainable environment.

Development is underway for additional e-learning libraries to be released this year including: Midstream, Petrochemical, and Refining.

"The ePetro libraries provide companies with flexibility in building competent petroleum professionals,” said Ford Brett, CEO of PetroSkills. "Developed with industry experts via the PetroSkills Alliance, our web-based courses allow oil and gas companies to begin using industry validated content immediately, or incorporate it into a blended learning program.”


About PetroSkills

PetroSkills enables companies to develop a workforce able to meet business challenges, enhance effectiveness, achieve compliance goals, mitigate risk, and improve operations.  Since its founding over 50 years ago, PetroSkills has focused on building competent petroleum professionals by delivering learning and development when, where and how customers need it. In 2001 the PetroSkills Alliance was formed with industry leaders to target the need for competency in the oil and gas workforce.  Membership includes more than 30 companies and represents more than 40% of the world’s oil production.   Alliance members work together to develop, maintain, and quality assure the competency frameworks and training programs delivered by PetroSkills. For more information, visit www.petroskills.com.