16 Jul, 2019

Top 10 Courses for a Reservoir Engineer

Are you a reservoir engineer? Find out which PetroSkills courses other reservoir professionals are taking to advance their careers. Below are the top 10 courses attended by reservoir engineers – click on a course to learn more!

1. Applied Reservoir Engineering - RE      ►also available online

2. Basic Reservoir Engineering - BR      ►also available online

3. Reservoir Simulation Strategies - RSS      ►also available online

4. Foundations of Petrophysics - FPP

5. Gas Reservoir Management - GRM

6. Well Test Design and Analysis - WTA

7. Reservoir Management - RM

8. Waterflooding A to Z - WF

9. Well Log Interpretation - WLI

10. Production Operations 1 - PO1      ►also available online


Online course options:

Applied Reservoir Engineering

Basic Reservoir Engineering

Foundations of Petrophysics

Production Operations 1

If you are interested in enrolling, we recommend learning more about our reservoir engineering program or visiting PetroAcademy to browse our online training options!

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