5 Apr, 2019

Top 10 Courses

We've put together a list of our most popular training courses over the last several years! Follow the links below for more information, course schedules or to enroll in an upcoming session. These courses are also available for in-house sessions and several in our online training program. 

  1. Gas Conditioning and Processing: G-4

  2. Completions and Workovers: CAW

  3. Basic Reservoir Engineering: BR

  4. Basic Drilling, Completion and Workover Operations: BDC

  5. Applied Reservoir Engineering: RE

  6. Oil Production and Processing Facilities: PF-4

  7. Process Safety Engineering: PS-4

  8. Well Log Interpretation: WLI

  9. Production Operations 1: PO1

 10. Fundamentals of Pump and Compressor Systems: ME-44


You might also be interested in our recent webinar related to PF-4 and PS-4 titled Unconventional Surface Facilities Process Safety Tips.



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