2 Mar, 2017

Five Benefits of Blended/Virtual Training

As the petroleum industry continues to evolve, the need for relevant training has never been greater. Companies must get the most out of training budgets, and sometimes employees cannot miss several consecutive days of work in order to receive the training they need. As such, blended/virtual learning from PetroAcademy offers training solutions that make efficient use of time and budget.


Simply put, PetroAcademy offers a blend of self-guided virtual training and instructor-led virtual sessions. The end result is world class petroleum training that can be done from the comforts of your own desk, without the need for the planning required when training face-to-face in a physical location.

Below are five benefits of Blended/Virtual training, but the perks don't end here. Feel free to contact our customer service team for details on how PetroAcademy can be an effective training tool for yourself or your company.

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1. Less Time Away from Work

One of the first decisions that must be made when enrolling in a petroleum training course is "When?" Because companies are busy, and often can't afford to lose an employee's production for an extended amount of time, appropriate training for employees is put on the back burner. With PetroAcademy's blended/virtual courses, gaining knowledge doesn't require substantial time away from work.

PetroAcademy offers a variety of oil and gas training courses, across a range of technical disciplines. With more courses set to become available throughout 2017, more and more professionals will soon have the ability to learn from experts without taking time off.

2. Never Lose the Human Touch

Just because you would like to train from the comforts of your own desk, it doesn't mean you should lose the human element involved with a course. With the blended approach, participants may move through the self-guided sections on their own, but still experience the added-value of a live instructor, and interaction with fellow participants during the virtual instructor-led portions.

With PetroAcademy, participants experience the best of both worlds when taking a world-class petroleum training course. Train on your own schedule, as you see fit, but retain the interactivity you'd find in a face-to-face training experience.

3. Increase Efficiency and Save Time

As the level of pre-existing knowledge varies by participant, PetroAcademy's skill modules are structured in such a way that gives you the ability to bypass areas you are already familiar with. When you encounter a section that you do not feel requires further knowledge, you may test out of that module and move on to the next one.

Having the ability to move on to more pressing areas of your training course will allow you to fill your knowledge gaps more quickly, increase training efficiency and make sure you're always getting the most out of your time.

4. Ultimate in Training Flexibility

Training virtually via PetroAcademy gives participants the ability to choose their own training hours. Move through the self-guided sections at your own pace, as you complete individual skill modules that include reading assignments, self-paced e-learning, virtual instructor-led sessions, case studies, quizzes and more. All of this can be accessed through the PetroAcademy platform anytime, anywhere.

With PetroAcademy, you never have to fear life getting in the way of your training experience.

5. Eliminated Travel Expense

One of the biggest obstacles faced when selecting a training course is making travel arrangements that work within your budget. When selecting a course offered virtually, you receive the training you need without leaving your own personal desk. The cost of travel is one less factor you must consider when deciding on the course that will help take your career to the next level.

Train when you want, where you want and without spending a dime on travel. It's the same great training you'd experience in one of our many face-to-face sessions worldwide.

The benefits of training virtually are plenty, and certainly don't end here. I encourage you to check out the PetroAcademy home page for more details on how blended learning can work for you. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding any of our training options. We have customer service representatives eager to assist.

Current Blended Options:

Applied Reservoir Engineering

Casing Design Workshop

Foundations of PetroPhysics

NODAL Analysis Workshop

Production Operations 1

Scale Identification, Remediation and Prevention Workshop