26 May, 2016

PetroSkills announces the Transitioning Professionals Initiative

Tuition assistance to help transitioning oil & gas professionals get the knowledge and skills they need during challenging times.

What is the Transitioning Professionals Initiative?

PetroSkills is offering a 30% discount on tuition for any public training course in 2016 for individuals who have been displaced by layoffs during the downturn of 2015-2016. As a partner of the industry, we are committed to ensuring that professionals are able to get the knowledge and skills they need. In between jobs is often an opportune time to gain valuable knowledge, and we hope this reduced tuition makes it easier to do.


Who is eligible for this reduced tuition?

Anyone who is between jobs, or has been laid off and is self-funding their training. All you have to do is register for a 2016 session before July 31, 2016. Assistance is subject to availability.


How do you take advantage of this offer?

1. When you Register for your course, enter TP2016 as your Promo Code.

2. Then, on the Confirmation page, select Pay by Invoice.

3. Once your registration is processed, our Customer Service team will send you an invoice showing the 30% tuition reduction.


Questions? Use the form below, or contact Customer Service at +1 918 828 2504 or 1 800 821 5933