1 Aug, 2018

Design and Operation of Unconventional Surface Facilities; Stabilization Issues

This Tip of the Month (TOTM) discusses design and operational considerations of surface facilities for unconventional light oil shales.

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30 Jul, 2018

Two-Part Boutique LNG Series

Sign up to receive our two-part series focused on the small scale LNG industry.

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18 Jul, 2018

Webinar: Harnessing Coriolis

Learn more about our upcoming complimentary webinar and register today!

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3 Jul, 2018

Blackpool Added to Schedule

We are excited to announce we are adding a new location to our training schedule - Blackpool, England! Find out which courses will be taught here.

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1 Jul, 2018

Delivering Bad News to Stakeholders and Decision Makers

We all hate delivering bad project news, but this Tip of the Month will give you some tips to better communicate negative information to stakeholders and decision makers. Learn about five different types of project issues, managing project relationships and best practices for delivering bad news.

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