17 Dec, 2018

Instructor Highlight: Ms. Nancy House

This month we would like to recognize Nancy House, one of our geophysics instructors, for her achievements in 2018!

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10 Dec, 2018

Cheniere Energy Joins PetroSkills Alliance

We are excited to welcome Cheniere Energy, Inc. to the PetroSkills Alliance!

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1 Dec, 2018

Ethane – Water Phase Behavior at Low to Moderate Pressures

In this tip, we will evaluate the accuracy of water content predicted by a process simulation software against limited measured experimental data.

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20 Nov, 2018

PetroSkills Adds New Course

We are excited to announce the release of our new course: Managing Non-Technical Risks! Christiaan Luca gives us an inside look at the course and its benefits in this Q&A interview.

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1 Nov, 2018

How to Generate Isothermal and Isobaric Retrograde Regions

This Tip of the Month (TOTM) presents two methods for how a process simulation program can be used to quantitatively determine the isothermal and isobaric retrograde curves. A phase diagram, including the retrograde curves for rich gas, is generated and presented.

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