1 Sep, 2017

Effect of Methanol on Distribution of Sulfur Compounds in NGL Fractionation Train

This Facilities Tip of the Month (TOTM) will present the effect of methanol on the distribution and concentration of the sulfur compounds in a NGL fractionation train using a process simulator based on the Peng-Robinson equation of state. The simulation software’s built-in binary interaction parameters were used, and the tabular and graphical simulation results are presented.

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23 Aug, 2017

Course Additions for 2017

PetroSkills has expanded the 2017 course schedule with additional course sessions at locations around the world. Find a course near you!

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17 Aug, 2017

Plains All American Pipeline becomes 30th Alliance Member

PetroSkills would like to welcome Plains All American Pipeline L.P. as the newest member of the PetroSkills Alliance.

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3 Aug, 2017

Gas Conditioning and Processing: Virtual Demo

PetroSkills is proud to offer Gas Conditioning and Processing G-4 in a virtual/blended format. Try a course demo today!

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2 Aug, 2017

Infinite Recycle Impacts on Compression Systems

This Facilities TOTM (tip of the month) discusses what infinite recycling is, how to identify it, how to prevent it and solutions for making your company more money through increased production by simply adjusting setpoints.

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