1 Jul, 2016

Determining Traces of Methanol in the Gas Sweetening Process

This tip will consider the presence of methanol in the sour gas stream and determine the quantitative traces of methanol ending up in the sweet gas, flash gas and acid gas streams. To achieve this, the tip simulates a simplified MDEA gas sweetening unit by computer.

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6 Jun, 2016

Projecting the Performance of Adsorption Dehydration Process

PetroSkills | John M Campbell’s May 2015 tip of the month (TOTM) presented a method which allows the users to estimate the decline of their adsorbent based on only one performance test run (PTR) for molecular sieve dehydrators using low pressure regeneration. This permits early formulation of a credible action plan. Site-specific factors will determines an adsorption unit’s decline curve. Consequently, conducting more than PTR is highly recommended. A poorly performing inlet separator, for example, could result in a unit exhibiting a more pronounced decline than indicated by the generic performance decline curves.

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26 May, 2016

PetroSkills announces the Transitioning Professionals Initiative

PetroSkills will be offering tuition assistance to help transitioning oil & gas professionals get the knowledge and skills they need during challenging times. Offer is good on all 2016 courses, but availability is limited and enrollments must be made before July 31st.

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2 May, 2016

Benefits of Having Side Water-Draw in a Condensate Stabilizer Column – Part 2

This tip is the follow up of the previous tip (April 2016) which investigated the benefits of having a water-draw in a condensate stabilizer column. It will use a commercial simulation software to simulate the performance of an operating stabilizer. In order to take into account the non-ideality of water, the tip will perform three-phase (vapor, liquid hydrocarbon, and aqueous phases) calculations on the trays with excessive water rates. Specifically, it will study the influence of the column temperature profile and water partial pressure profile on the optimum location of water-draw tray in the column. It will also study the impact of the upstream 3-phase separator temperature on the reboiler, condenser, feed-stabilized condensate heat exchanger duties, and the reflux pump power. The tip will present a summary of the computer simulation results and the key diagrams for the same case study.

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13 Apr, 2016

PetroSkills l John M. Campbell Oil and Gas Processing Discipline Manager Elected to GPSA Board of Directors

PetroSkills is proud to announce that one of our instructors, Kindra Snow-McGregor, has been named to the board of directors for the Gas Processors Suppliers Association (GPSA).

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