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How to Prevent Formation Damage


Formation damage can adversely affect production rates, efficiency and recovery factors of a well. Research has shown that there are many causes of formation damage, and the effect of these sources and well activities can be summed as damage associated with either the movement and bridging of fine solids or chemical reactions resulting in precipitates and changes in wettability. In this tip of the month (TOTM), we will discuss the causes of formation damage, its effects and how to prevent formation damage from occurring during well activities.


This tip of the month (TOTM) will demonstrate how to determine the optimum location of a feed tray in an NGL fractionation or distillation column by a short-cut method and the rigorous method using a process simulator. As an example, we will consider sizing a deethanizer by performing material and energy balances, distillation column short-cut calculations and rigorous tray-by-tray calculations. Finally, the TOTM will determine the optimum feed tray location by the short-cut and rigorous methods.

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