2 Aug, 2017

Infinite Recycle Impacts on Compression Systems

This Facilities TOTM (tip of the month) discusses what infinite recycling is, how to identify it, how to prevent it and solutions for making your company more money through increased production by simply adjusting setpoints.

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26 Jul, 2017

Commentary on: “After Years, ‘Big Crew Change’ Has Passed, But Learning, Training Challenges Remain”

Commentary featuring Ford Brett's thoughts on a recent JPT article about the "Big Crew Change", learning and training challenges in the oil and gas industry.

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3 Jul, 2017

Estimate BETX Absorption in TEG Dehydration Process

This facilities Tip of the Month (TOTM) demonstrates application simplified diagrams for quick estimation of BETX absorption in a case study. Additionally, it gives an overview of the most commonly used designs for mitigation of BETX emissions.

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27 Jun, 2017

Are your Condensate Stabilizers Operating at Peak Performance?

Five part series written by Dr. Mahmood Moshfeghian. This series focuses on condensate stabilizer columns, side water draws and varying stabilizer designs to improve performance.

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15 Jun, 2017

Virtual Training Dates to Remember

Want to know when our virtual training courses are taking place? This article discusses all 2017 virtual training offerings and provides a schedule for the rest of the year.

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